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Are There Side Effects or Risks to Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Yes, there can be side effects but the symptoms are temporary.

  • Bruising: This is the most common side effect in Facial Rejuvenation.  There are many small blood vessels on the neck and face and at times it is possible to break one of these tiny vessels.  The bruise doesn’t hurt and you may not know you have one until looking in the mirror.  The bruise may be about the size of a dime, but more often bruises are much smaller.  The bruise is usually gone within a week.  Ice and helichrysum are applied at once to diminish the size and effects of a bruise.

Bruising is also a factor of the blood vessels strength and elasticity.  Individuals who bruise easily are recommended to take Grape Seed extract to help rebuild collagen that strengthens the blood vessels.  If bruising is a general problem, it is best to take the supplement at least 3 months prior to having Facial Rejuvenation.

Bruising may also be a problem for people who take blood thinners such as coumiden or a daily aspirin.  While taking these medications, Facial Rejuvenation is not recommended.

  • Caffeine products should be avoided during the Facial Rejuvenation series of treatments.  Caffeine increases circulation and opens the blood vessels which may cause mild bleeding or bruising.
  • It is possible to feel a slight dizziness or a heavy sensation after the treatment.  This is a result of lying down for over an hour and the energy moving throughout the body.  This is very temporary, walking around and drinking water helps restore balance and a normal feeling.
  • Please note the link on health restrictions for Facial Rejuvenation.

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