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Energy Work

What is Energy work or Energy Healing?  

Each one of our bodies is designed with the extraordinary ability to heal itself from injuries and sickness.   However, it is true that the body so often doesn’t appear to heal itself.  The body is a wonderful self healing mechanism IF the body, mind and spirit are in a relative state of homeostasis.  This homeostasis is thrown out of balance with improper diet, lack of exercise and most profoundly  with improper self talk and lack of self understanding.  Our thoughts greatly affect our mental, spiritual and physical body.

ENERGY HEALING: Healing such as Reiki, taps into universal healing energy that is present everywhere much like gravity.  Pure healing universal energy flows through the hands, body, energy centers as well as through thoughts and intentions of the practitioner.  This healing energy is set in motion when two or more people gather to tap into it’s presence.  True healing can only happen when the patient’s innate self healing mechanism is “turned on”.  In essence, a healer’s job is to guide and help set up a homeostatic environment  in which the healing process can take place.  Healing can not come from the outside EVER, it only happens when the body is in a state of harmony and heals it’s self.

The field of Energy Medicine is a hot and popular topic now days.  In truth, we are only bringing back into are human awareness the profound nature of energy medicine as it was once the only form of healing in the pre- modern medicine years.  Modern medicine has made great strides in health care, but the human body needs to maintain it’s balance through preventive health care such as working with energy medicine (acupuncture, message and chiropractic also fall into this preventive health care system).  As noted, Energy Medicine helps the body “remember” it’s balance when the homeostasis is gone.  How quickly a person regains their health is so different for each one.  Attitude is a huge factor as well as our lifestyles.  Alcohol and drugs suppress the body’s self healing mechanism, and de-toxing is an important step and may take some time.  It is so rare that there is a one time magic bullet to erase years of health problems.


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