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Chinese Herbal Remedies:

Chinese herbal medicine has a rich history of development over the past 4000 years.  Like acupuncture, herbal medicine has gone through many dynasties in China with Oriental Medicine almost being stamped out of existence.  However, today in China, Oriental Medicine holds hands with Western Medicine in providing great health care options.

Herbal medicine has grown out of trial and error with many great herbalists contributing to the vast knowledge over the thousands of years.  It was soon identified that parts of the plant or animal related energetically to parts of the body. Click here to see these interesting correlations.  Individual plants, minerals and animals were identified with specific properties in relationship to one another in the actions upon the human body.  Over time, formulas were developed to treat specific health concerns.  It is rare to use just a single herb today.  Formulas are carefully crafted herbal combinations taking into consideration each of the single herb specific properties. It was then identified that certain herbs worked well together, while some were neutral and others were incompatible.  Today the majority of the formulas used have a “classic formula as the base” then other herbs are added or substituted to meet today’s diseases as well as the individual patient’s imbalances.

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At Cornerstone Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, LLC, our pharmacy offers a few options for herbal prescriptions:

Raw Herbs:

We have a comprehensive selection of nearly 150 plant and mineral based herbs.  Each herb is grown without pesticides or GMO’s.  The herbs are tested for micro- levels of mold and heavy metals.  The majority of our pharmacy is cured naturally without the use of sulfates.

A personalized prescription is formulated, again usually based upon a classic formula and modified as or if required.  Then it is coarsely ground with a specialized grinder that will not “burn” or damage the herbal properties.  The patient only needs to simmer the formula for 15 to 20 minutes.  When cooled enough, just strain and drink the decoction.  Raw herbs are well known to powerfully address the health symptoms and harmonize the overall body.  Another great benefit of the raw herbal formulas is that they are more economical than the patent formulas (see below)

At your visit you will be able to see the beautiful display of herbs as well as smell some of the herbs such as cinnamon, apricot kernels, frankincense, myrrh and mint.

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Patent Herbal Prescriptions:

These are herbal formulas that have been processed and concentrated into tablets, capsules, or granules.  Quality is of prime importance so each company that we carry must meet strict 3rd party testing, individually batch tested for contaminates, heavy metals, pesticides and for potency as well as be manufactured in GMP certified factories.  The raw herbs they use are of pharmaceutical grade and the majority is also sulfite free.

The advantage of patents is the ease of taking a “pill” and the ease of travel.  Patents are highly concentrated often (1 – 5 times) or (1 – 7 times) potency.  Patents are highly effective, but it is difficult to completely individualize the prescription as with the raw herbal formulas.  Also because patents are a result of highly specialized manufacturing with high quality standards, they are more expensive than the raw herbal formulas.

We use several companies that are recognized for the highest quality control standards in the industry.  Please visit the links below of the companies’ Products we offer.

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs

Mayway Inc.

Evergreen Herbs


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