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How Long Do The Benefits Of The 12 Sessions Last?

With a consistent monthly or at least a follow up every few months, the effects will last several years depending on your lifestyle choices. Conditions that adversely affect your health will show in your skin and on your face.  Uncontrolled stress management, chronic sickness, poor diet along with smoking will diminish the Facial Rejuvenation benefits.  Lack of mild exercise and excessive drinking and over exposure to the sun will also diminish the good benefits of Facial Rejuvenation.  Many pharmaceutical drugs often adversely affect the body and cause unwanted side effects.

It must be noted that lifestyle choices will affect the skin no matter if you have undergone Facial Rejuvenation or cosmetic surgery or simply have done nothing.  The basic rules apply for good health and a beautiful face:

  • Eat balanced healthy meals add appropriate supplements
  • Moderate exercise
  • Good sleep
  • A joyful and positive outlook on life and with those around you, enjoy and appreciate your life
  • Stay away from smoking, sodas, excessive drinking, and excessive sun exposure

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